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Stop the Dog From Biting - Do you need to stop the dog from biting? This article explains the importance of dog biting and some ways to handle it.

Savannah Cats The Biggest in Town - Yet another successful breed to take the wild out of the jungle and put it squarely into the domestic, the Savannah is a beautiful addition to the wildcat look alikes.

The Ideal Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Things to look out for when breeding your Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog.

Everything You Need to Know about Parrot Toys - There are many different types of parrot toys for many different types of parrots.

Canine Hip Dysplasia and Large Breed Dogs - Large dog breeds are more prone to canine hip dysplasia.

The Oldest Breed of Domestic Cat the Siamese - The oldest breed of domestic cat, the Siamese is highly known not only for its distinctive good looks but also it chatty nature and winning personality.

Neutering Your CatWhy When and How - General veterinary consensus is that unless you are actively breeding your cats, it is better for all concerned that they are neutered.

An Introduction To The Planted Aquarium - An introduction to the planted aquarium, the benefits, how to maintain & which plants to have.

Keep Your Dog Safe Over The Holidays - Some tips on how to keep your dog safe this holiday season.

A Label On Designer Dog Beds - Many dog beds claim to be a designer dog bed.

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