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Everything You Need to Know about Parrot Toys

There are many different types of parrot toys for many different types of parrots. The hard thing is trying to choose the right toys for your parrot. In this article you will learn what toys are safe for each particular breed of parrot as well as learning all the reasons why it's so important to have a few parrot toys inside your cage. The Amazon Parrot The Amazon parrot is generally a very large parrot that tends to be quite inquisitive and unfortunately also aggressive at times. The best type of parrot toys for this particular breed of parrot is are usually made from wood and are generally sturdy.

You will find that Amazon's generally like to chew everything they can get their beaks around, therefore buying plastic parrot toys for your Amazon could lead to it choking on a broken piece of plastic. Make sure every parrot toy you by for your Amazon is made from wood. Parakeets Parakeets are a much smaller breed of birds and are less likely to destroy any kind of parrot toy you decide to purchase for your cage.

One very popular parrot toy that is a must buy for these birds, is a mirror. Parakeets, like Amazons are also very inquisitive and will spend hours marveling at the reflection of themselves in the mirror. If you only own one parakeet, then this is a good way to keep your bird free from boredom as has been the case for many parrots. The mirror is a must for this particular breed of parrot and any other parrot toys you decide to purchase will do wonders for your parrots health and energy exuberance. Why Is It So Important To Have Parrot Toys Inside Your Cage? Parrots are creatures that survive purely off attention.

The more attention you show your parrot, the happier and healthy he or she is going to be. However you can't always be there to spend time with your parrot and that's why parrot toys can come in nice and handy. Giving your parrot something to do while you are away can help keep your parrot from becoming bored and in fact is proven to increase the life expectancy of your bird. Whether it be a bell, mirror or a ball or wool, any kind of object that your parrot is able to interact with, will do marvels for its overall general health.

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