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Horseback Riding

There is nothing quite like seeing the world from the back of a horse. We humans have been riding for 4,000 years, but ever since the introduction of the Model T, we seem to have completely lost touch with our equestrian past.

Thankfully, trekking across the countryside on horseback is a surefire way to reconnect with those bygone times. Let your trusty steed take you across the steppes of Mongolia, explore the game reserves of Kenya, or practice your roping skills on a Wyoming cattle drive.

Wherever you go, you'll have fabulous fresh-air views, completely unencumbered by that steel-and-glass box you know, the one that gets us there quicker, but without all the fun.


Horseback riding is perfect for people of all ages and riding abilities. With over 300 head of horses, we'll provide you with a sturdy, sure-footed mount to match your experience. Our professional, cowboy guides will give you an inside look at western culture and provide you with enough good times to create a week full of memories.

Holiday on horseback offers a style and duration of ride to suit every taste and level of experience. Wilderness Tenting Trips: From three days to six days. Spacious A-frame tents, fire pits, rustic rail corrals, and a large kitchen tent at each camp site. There's usually time for some exploring, fishing and even a well deserved snooze in the tall grass.

Lodge Rides: A little luxury in the backcountry. Your days are spent riding and exploring while evenings are spent in a cozy lodge. Relax by the wood stove or curl up with a blanket and a good book, we call it 'roughing it the civilized way.

Adventure Expeditions: Our most challenging and rugged tent trips. Brush up on your camp skills as new camps are established daily. These rides visit isolated areas of Banff National Park that few have an opportunity to experience.

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