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Stop the Dog From Biting

You've just acquired a beagle, and can't wait to bring him home to show the children. Once home, the children begin playing with him and running around the house. Suddenly you hear a scream. The beagle has bitten one of your children. Once the panic is over and you've determined your child is okay; it is time to sit down and determine why this beagle, whose breed poses no threat to children, would bite your child.

Let's discuss how to stop the dog from biting again. As mentioned earlier, certain breed of dogs are wonderful pets for children; beagles are no exception. However, there are times when erratic behavior can pose a threat to your children. Determine if this particular incident was a one time occurrence, especially if the beagle was retrieved from an animal shelter. Contact them and ask if similar biting incidences have occurred.

If not, the reason behind it needs further exploration. It is common knowledge that dogs usually bite for a reason. To stop the dog from biting may require you to question the children and find out what was going on when the incident occurred. Perhaps in their enthusiasm in having a new pet, one of children pulled on the dog's tail, or unintentionally scared the dog.

There could be a number of reasons. It is up to you to find the real answer. Conversely, if the beagle you just brought home is a puppy, and took a nip out of one of your children, it is incumbent upon you to begin training to stop the dog from biting. As with other unwanted behaviors in dogs, it is important to establish dominance over the dog. You, as the owner, must become the pack leader. You need to be the alpha dog.

This is critical when any new dog enters a home and immediately tries to dominate it. Once your role is clearly established, your dog will understand the boundaries you have set and abide by them. To stop the dog from biting takes time, effort, and patience. You must be consistent in your commands, and reward the dog for good behavior as well. In addition, you need to educate your children on the proper way to handle, play, and interact with their new pet. Once everyone knows the rules of engagement, you will all be able to enjoy every aspect of owning this wonderful breed of dog.

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