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Keep Your Dog Safe Over The Holidays

Your dog Is part of the family and deserves to be right in the midst of the holiday festivities with everyone else. Unfortunately, the holidays pose certain dangers to pets that we as humans may not be aware of. Here's some things to think about to keep your dog safe this holiday season.

One thing you want to do is be sure that you know what your veterinarian sours are over the holidays and where to go shoot your dog have an emergency. Hopefully this won't happen, but if you're prepared you can react quickly and minimize the damage to your pet. When it comes to the holidays, eating is one of the most predominant activities.

Whether it be a big family dinner, a party with drinks and snacks, or Halloween with bowls of candy food is at the forefront of most holiday festivities. while we all tend to overeat which doesn't pose us too much harm save a few extra pounds, the same type of the overeating can be very hazardous to your dog. There are many foods that cause no problems for humans but can actually be lethal to animals. Chocolate is one of these so be sure your dog does not get any chocolate from well-meaning guests or family members over the holidays.

Also, you and your guests need to be aware that your dog weighs a lot less than you do especially if he is a little toy dog like a Poodle, Pug or Pomeranian. This means that a constant flow of table scraps and snacks will really packed the pounds on your dog and just like humans, being overweight and eating fatty and sugary foods can cause health problems in pets. Be vigilant about what your dog eats especially at meal time as everyone wants to feed a cute little dog from their plate but when your pet gets a little handout from the plates of 12 people at the bottom food! Since dogs really don't care much about this svelte figure, there's little chance your dog will be refusing the food on his own so it's up to you to watch out for him. When decorating home for the holidays take care to think about your dog.

Some coastal plants use around the holidays like poinsettias and mistletoe can make dog sick if ingested. Also be careful with your Christmas tree especially if it is a live tree - you want to be sure that your dog cannot drink the water out of the well in the stand. In addition you want to be careful of Christmas bulbs, garland and tinsel that is hanging at dog height. You don't want your dog thinking is a play toys and biting into a glass ball or ingesting tinsile. The stress of the holidays can rub off on your dog, especially if you are very stressed out or there are a lot of different things going on around your home.

Different dogs react differently to stress some may become agitated and hyperactive while others may want to run and hide. During this time he should pay careful attention to your pet to make sure he's not getting stressed out. Watch his behavior and try to reassure them that everything that's going on is okay. In particular, if there will be a big party or fireworks with loud noises make sure that your dog does not have to be subjected to anything that will scare him. The holidays are a great time for the whole family, including your dog to be together.

Be sure to make this a special time for your dog by being mindful of his particular needs and everyone will be sure to have the happiest of holidays!.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.pomeranian-pages.com and where you can learn about the wonderful Pomeranian dog breed and find out how to make the holidays safe for your Pomeranian.

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