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A Label On Designer Dog Beds

Many dog beds claim to be a designer dog bed. Many distributors claim they offer designer dog beds. Do we really know what a designer dog bed is, and are they really designer? Well the definition of designer according to Webster's is; Designer; noun 1. a person who devises or executes designs, esp.

one who creates forms, structures, and patterns, as for works of art or machines. 2. a schemer, intriguer, or plotter. adjective 3. designed or created by or carrying a label or identification of a designer, esp.

a fashion designer, but often mass-produced: designer jeans Are designer dog beds really good for your dog? Perhaps, but not all are created equal. You must remember that the dog bed in question is meant for your loving companion and not necessarily made to fit in with your decor. Most people make the mistake of purchasing something that will fit into a given space and look fabulous in a modern setting but do nothing for the dog's comfort. Who is the designer dog beds for again? Yup, your dog. Before purchasing a designer dog bed, you should be asking yourself these 6 questions. 1)Where does my dog sleep now? The proper way of choosing a designer dog bed is to observe your dog's habits.

If he sleeps on the floor in the kitchen, will you place a huge sofa bed or dog couch that is made of Chanel. No, you need to get something comfortable that is functional. 2)How old is my dog again? If your dog is aging, you will need an orthopedic dog bed. Most designer dog beds do not offer any orthopedic qualities for your dog. 3)How long do I want this bed to last? If you look around, beds that cost a fortune, generally don't offer durable fabrics.

4)Does my dog have any ailments? If your dog has any issues at all with hip dysplasia, or abnormal formation, then this type of bed will not work for you. 5)How much can I really afford to spend? Most designer beds cost much more then are necessary. 6)Think of your dog? Finally, think of your dog first.

Designer is a broad term for a person who designs any of a variety of things. That usually implies the task of creating or of being creative in a particular area of expertise. It is frequently used to reference someone who draws or in some ways uses visual cues to organize their work.

Designer is also the title for a person practicing in one of the design fields, such as architecture or engineering, but who is not licensed or does not possess a four year degree in that field. Designer is especially used in reference to a fashion designer, usually one who has his/her own line, such as Givenchy and Versace. A good synonym for designer is "architect". An architect is a builder, creator, draftsman, engineer, inventor, maker, and originator.

That means that anyone who manufactures dog beds can technically by considered a designer of designer dog beds. Something to think about next time you are shopping around for a dog bed. One particular brand of dog beds stand out in my mind. With over hundreds of durable designer fabrics, Mammoth Dog Beds combines fashion with orthopedic qualities. Copyright 2006, Joe De.

Joe De is a designer and public relation writer for "Mammoth Dog Beds". He has over ten years experience in dog care and training. Joe has also written several papers on dog related themes. A lover of dogs, Joe is owned by Labrador Retrievers and a Maltese. Dog Blog. Mammoth offers orthopedic designer dog beds.

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