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Will You Buy Your Dog The Right Bowl

There was a time that we thought as long as our dogs were fed daily they were getting everything they needed to live a long and happy life. But fortunately advancements have been made in the veterinarian world and research has proven that there is a lot more to feeding a dog than just providing food for him. We now know that dogs - like humans, require specific diets and nutrients. The days are gone that one has to choose from only a few select brands of dog food in the grocery store. There are now stores that cater only to our pets and their needs.

In those stores we can choose from dozens of brands of food that were carefully blended in order to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for our dogs. In some cases we can even have the diet custom blended for our special dog. As responsible pet owners we also know that water is essential to a dog's health and that water consumption should always be encouraged. In addition to learning about our pets' nutritional needs we have also learned more about how to make their meals more relaxing and enjoyable for them. In very recent years we have learned about the advantages of using particular dog bowls or dog bowl styles. We've heard it said before that presentation is everything and when discussing our dog's food that remains true.

Although your dog, like mine, may be willing to eat off the floor at times, it is to his advantage as well as yours to provide him with an appropriate dog bowl. The bowl should be big enough to hold a full feeding for your dog. If the bowl is oversized it is easy to give the dog more food than is required which can result in your dog becoming overweight. If a bowl is too small you will find that your workload is needlessly increased.

It's important that the dog is able to reach the food without difficulty. This means that the diameter of the bowl must be appropriate to the size of the dog's face and nose. If your dog has long floppy ears it is necessary to find a bowl that will allow his nose and mouth to reach the food, but at the same time one that does not allow the ears to fall into the food. Buying a bowl that has rubber feet or a rubber rim around the bottom will minimize tipping, spilling and sliding.

This makes eating more enjoyable for your pet and fewer clean-ups for you. Elevated dog bowls can make eating a more pleasurable experience for your dog because he will not need to bend his neck so far to reach the food. This aids in proper posture and digestion.

If your dog has pain related to stiff joints or arthritis this may be something you will want to consider. Although being a responsible pet owner is always our goal there may be times in which we simply cannot be available for our pets as often as he/we would like. For those times it might be wise to invest in an automatic or self-feeding system. These are simply bowls that have a large reservoir containing a substantial amount of food.

As the dog eats more food will fall into the bowl. Similar bowls are available for water. These can be ideal if you will be away from your pet for an extended period of time. As time passes we are sure to learn of other ways we can accommodate the needs of our pets.

For now most are happy with the love and care provided by a responsible owner - perks include things like dog bowls that are right for the individual dog.

Mike Brown
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