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What does it take to breed dogs in India

If you have thought of breeding dogs in India but you do not know how to do it you should probably talk to people who have been breeding dogs for years. Loyal breeders are likely to tell you that dogs must have something special to offer to the breed ? as there are dog breeders in India whose dogs never bred although they were Champions. Take for example a breeder who has 4 dogs out of which 3 are too young to consider breeding and one who has been bred. Of the too young crew one looks promising but needs all his credentials and 2 are going through the puppy gawky phase and need to develop into what is thought they will before the breeder even starts thinking about breeding. and then, of course, they have to have all the credentials. 40 years ago the best dog breeders had huge kennels of dogs, hired kennel help and were not frowned on for producing puppies.

Puppy mills have flourished because people no longer have the time or the money to devote to having such large kennels and still do it right. There are fewer people willing to mentor who have the credentials they should have, too many instant experts who believe they know everything after 5 years and too many backyard breeders who just don't care and don't see the harm in producing "just pets". So how can you be a good dog breeder in India and only produce a few litters in your own lifetime? For that you pair up with people who have the same goals, and guidelines, work with a mentor, have a vision for what you are looking to accomplish, adhere to the principles of breeding well (good stock, excellent pedigree that produces its excellence, stay honest, get the health certificates, prove the dog's worthiness in the show ring and in the work it was bred to do, be unrelenting in only breeding outstanding temperament).

All of the above take time, the ability to listen well and work well with others and NOT to be an instant expert. Of course, when it comes to numbers, it also depends largely on breed, and the space, money, and time you have to keep the dogs happy and healthy. Two or twenty, the important thing is that they do the genetic testing, agree to accept their own bred dogs back at any time for any reason, and breed to improve the breed according to a reputable registry's breed standard. When it comes to breeding dogs in India, numbers mean little in relation to quality. The best dog breeders in India have their dogs shown regularly and also win titles regularly. In order to have good results, they improve the bloodline each litter by picking the best, have them in shows and win more titles; often they would breed only them to keep improving the bloodlines further, without having profit in mind.

However, the large number of dogs in India is partly due to people who breed them for money and breeders who sell them to cover testing.

In recent years there has been a rise in the number of people who have dogs in India. But as there are a lot of stray dogs out there, committed dog breeders in India are trying to breed exclusively the best dogs they have.

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