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Tips of Extremely Effective Cat Toilet Training

My family never thought of cat toilet training, but like to rear cats at home. I do not really mind them around, but the problem of dealing with their wastes poses some challenges to me. Thankfully, I read up and got some very useful tips. These are the 7 steps I found out for cat toilet training : 1.

A kitten of 2 months old is ready for training. 2. Each cat need to have a name, and help her to get use to the name.

By being able to respond to her name, it makes the task of pet toilet training much easier. 3. By instinct, cats want to bury their wastes. Give a litter tray and it is quite easy to toilet train them. The container should be filled with soil, sand, sawdust or commercial cat litters.

4. Generally, a kitten that is brought up together with a mother that uses the litter tray will learn to use the tray itself eventually. For kittens or cats that need to be trained, it is best to familiarize them with the litter tray.

The cat should be put inside the tray after being fed, after play or when it wakes up. 5. Be careful to hide the litter tray in a seclude place. Cats would not like to be seen when they use the litter tray.

6. When the cat uses the litter tray, make sure that you praise it for the good behavior. The best way to praise the cat is to pet it or pat it on its head. Food rewards are also good tools to praise the cat. However, a cat or kitten under training that failed to make use of the litter tray should be reprimanded.

The cat must be corrected on the spot. A loud and sharp "no" or squirting the cat with water is the usual ways to reprimand the cat. Do not use physical punishment. It is not a good practice. It also affects the relationship of the cat to you. 7.

Slowly move the litter tray nearer to the toilet in very small steps over many days, big changes may confuse the cat or make it suspicious so just edge it closer to the bowl each time you clean it out and refill it. Eventually, take out the litter tray altogether, and your cat will still come to the toilet bowl. It is good to please your loved ones by having their pet at home. Proper cat toilet training solves the difficulties associated with their waste. The above tips will help to achieve that over a period of time.

Before you buy anything online, make sure you check Henry Matthias' excellent free report on cat potty training

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