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Romancing The Flowers Part Two

An array of culinary utilizations of Lavender, the crop is also used in aromatherapy. Herbal essential oils, perfumes, and scented candles use lavender profusely. Lavender has its origin and yielding areas spread in many parts of the world. It is antiseptic and has holistic qualities. The purple haze dominates skin care and hair care products.

Dishes, cakes, champagnes, and salads are more mesmerizing when dried lavender flowers and leaves are garnished. Lily bulbs are commonly used in a variety of recipes. The bulbs are used as a health food, fried and in soups.

The root bulbs are similar to potatoes. Onions, garlic and asparagus fall under the liliaceae family. However, certain species are poisonous too.

Lilies are varied types spread to many regions, Europe, Asia, Japan, India, Philippines, and the U.S. Red or Tiger lily, Easter lily, and Japanese lily are some of the types. Calendula Marigolds or pot marigolds are medicinal.

Ointments made from this nature extract are soothing for inflammations, acne, cuts, controls bleeding, rashes, and eczemas. A common herb plant, the name calendula comes from the Latin word kalendae means the first day of the month. It is believed that these blossoms bloom in the beginning of most of the months, especially in October. Tagetes are different from calendula.

They are good insect repellants. Dried tagete plants can deter insects and pests. Tagete marigolds have variety medicinal purposes. Gastritis and intestinal worms are curable with the help of this herb, raw, also good soothing for skin infections. This marigold is widely used in aromatherapy. Marigolds are related to Virgin Mary.

Thus, the name Mary gold. Marigolds are golden yellow to dark orange in color. Purple buds with a sweet aroma of the mountainous, Oregano is a seasoning found in many cuisines and salads. Pizza, Mexican dishes, Greek and Italian delicacies and salads, fish and meat barbeques and casseroles. Looks similar to marijuana, oregano flower heads are high in anti oxidant flavnoids. This amethyst herb is a medicinal remedy for cough, bronchitis, gas, rheumatoid arthritis and more.

Queen of flowers, rose growing areas include America, Europe and Asian nations. Roses are generally a sign of deep love, and undying love definitely faces many sufferings. The thorns on the stems of roses signify the hardships that come along with the sweet essence of the buds. Many parents name their children with a rose name. Some of the names for boys would be Roosevelt and Varten and for girls, Roseanne, Rosalina, Rosetta and many more. Rose symbolizes Virgin Mary.

A representation for love and beauty, it is the national flower of England. The Dog Rose that originates from Europe, northwest Africa, and western Asia are found in light pink, deep pink and white colors. They bear reddish orange fruits or rose hips that are rich in Vitamin C and some anti oxidants.

A common essence used in syrups, marmalades and tea. The Sweet Brier or the Eglantine Rose originates from Britain and northern Europe. The plant spreads fragrance throughout the year. The leaves peculiarly smell like apple.

The roses have their distinct aroma. The Red Leaf Rose has peculiar leaves that show little tint of green and more of red and purple. The petals are pink and fall off easily. The fruit is high on Vitamin A, C and E and other supplements. It is useful especially in curbing the tendency of cancer. The seed hair are advised to be removed that can cause itching to the throat and the digestive system.

The Cherokee rose also known as Prairie or Climbing rose has a beautiful myth to speak about other than the fact of the flower being the state flower of Georgia. The Trail of Tears was the journey of the Cherokee people who had to abandon their lands at the eastern Mississippi river and migrate to a place in Oklahoma. The voyage resulted in sufferings. Hunger, disease, and weariness swelled and so did loss of life.

The chiefs prayed for giving strength to the mothers to care for their kids and lift their determination. The mothers wept, grieving about the hardships and the Cherokee bloomed everywhere the tears had fallen. The white color of the Cherokee resembles to that of the tears of the mothers. The golden hue in the centre represents the gold that was carried from the Cherokee islands and the seven leaves denote the seven clans that were in migration. Cherokee hips are high on Vitamin C. Roses are found in an array of bright and light colors that have varied meanings.

These variety color blossoms suit different sentiments and occasions. Red colored roses express love, romance, beauty, courage, respect, passion and a proposal that you love. However, single red rose simply means you love. Continued in Romancing The Flower Part Three.

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