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Requirements for Energy Performance Certificates

If you own a commercial building that you rent or sell out to others then you need to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate for your building. According to the new law which would be introduced in April 2008, all the commercial building which has more than 500 sq. m. of space need to get this certificate If yours is a commercial building above 500 sq m in space then you must obtain this certificate.

However, if the space area is less than 500 sq. m. then you don't require this certificate.

Temporary buildings and sheds are also exempted from applying an obtaining the Energy Performance Certificate. If your commercial building is under construction then also this Energy Performance certificates are required. This certificate can be obtained from a qualified EPC consultant. Once the building is sold to a new owner, the certificate should also be handed over to them. In case you deal with renting building, then as a landlord, you need to get the building assessed by an EPC assessor.

The assessor can help you in submitting the Energy Performance Certificate. This certificate should be made available to all the tenants. These Energy Performance Certificates are required to keep a tab on the carbon polluted by the commercial complex. The building is rated on a scale of A- G.

the rating is done after the EPC assessor surveys your building. He surveys the building and considers factors like lightening, roof insulation, boiler and other such elements. He feeds this information to the computer and gets an evaluated report from it. On the basis of the evaluation done by the computer, you get the rating. If the rating gives you an A then it means that the energy performance of the building is excellent whereas a G grade implies that you need to make major improvement in the existing system.

The evaluation sheet given by the computer consists of some advice also by which you can make these changes. For obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate you need to seek the services of a good environment consultant as the certificate can be awarded by an accredited Energy Performance Certificate specialist only. If you are not aware of any environment consultant and are looking for someone then you can search various websites. One of the leading environment consultants in the UK are Wilbourn Associates.

They can provide you with professionals who can help you to get the Energy Performance Certificate. You can contact their help desk for getting your queries solved. They have all the accreditations required by the professional for awarding the Energy Performance Certificate.

You can get more information about the company on their website www.environmental-surveyors.com and contact them easily.

Jason Gardner is a well known author who writes articles for Wilbourn Associates, the UK's leading resource for Chartered Environmental Land Consultants, Remediation Management Services and provider of Energy Performance Cerificates. For more information please visit www.environmental-surveyors.com.

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