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Reflective Dog Collars

If you own a dog, you know one of the biggest concerns you have is making sure your dog gets enough exercise. Not only do they need to be walked for the sake of exercise, they also need to be walked in order to use the 'restroom'. Because many of us are so busy, we often don't have the time to get them all the exercise they need during the day. This means they have to be walked at night.

Even in the safest areas accidents can happen. This is why you should get your pet reflective dog collars for your nighttime walks. Reflective dog collars are a great way to give drivers a heads up when they are driving at night. It seems the moment we step out of our cars we forget how hard it is to see at night.

Even the best and most alert drivers can miss things, and shadows seem to blend into shadows, especially at twilight. You may think a driver can see you, but you can never count on that. If you have reflective dog collars on your pets, you are giving the driver of any vehicle a better chance of seeing you if you dart out from between cars, or even if you are using the crosswalk like you should.

You can find reflective dog collars anywhere you find regular collars, though they may cost you a little more. It's always worth the price, however, because they can help keep your dogs and you safe after dark. Reflective dog collars often contain the same material that you might see on other reflective items like emergency uniforms, or safety markings on roadways. They should be able to reflect light from a high distance, and alert any driver that a living creature is moving about ahead of them. You can also find these reflective dog collars online, and you may find a better price by shopping this way. If you have already spent a lot of money on quality collars, you can make your own reflective dog collars out of what you already have.

You can buy the reflective material in craft or fabric stores, and then securely glue them with powerful glue to the existing collars you own. Make sure you use enough reflective material, and you may even want to attach some to your leashes and your own jacket or shoes as well.

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