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Puppy Proofing Your Home

When we decide to get a dog for our home we are taking on the care, responsibility of someone depending on us, and of course the other aspects of owning a pet. Dogs require a great deal of care and when they are puppies you should view them like infants or toddlers. They are very dependent on you and while they grow fast training is essential during the puppy stage. We are going to look at puppy proofing your home and what to expect when bringing a puppy home. The first thing you need to look at is how old the puppy actually is. Most usually a puppy that is six weeks will be weaned from the mother and can go to a new home.

This means that they have very little training if any. A puppy that is perhaps two to three months old may already have some house training. So there are supplies you need to have as well as things you should do before brining the puppy home. It is always best to read up on the type of dog breed you have. You will need to learn about the general development of the breed, common ailments, and of course what training you should expect them to learn for a pet. You also need to have a collar, leash, dog bowls, kennel, and training supplies.

Training supplies to help your puppy become house trained is usually a lot of newspaper and certain rewards. There are certain dog supplies that will help teach the dog not to pee on the carpet or in the home. You will also want to make sure to take them out frequently in the first few days they are home. When training a puppy to be house broken you want to teach them commands or behaviors to make sure they understand they need to let you know when they need to go. If a bark or just brining the leash is the command you would like you can train the dog for this. You may also want to have a dog book regarding training in your supply list.

House training is just a small part of preparing to bring a puppy home. Like toddlers who can walk and grab just about anything you will find that puppies are curious in nature. They will run around in a home, they will pick up things that are left lying out, and they may even try to eat dropped food. You need to make sure any breakable items are on a stable shelf, high up to where they cannot jump or swat it with a paw. You also need to make sure any pillows, blankets, clothing, or shoes that you don't want ruined are placed in a closet that they cannot get into. When you are gone for the day it is important to leave them in their own room, like a laundry room.

Make sure they have plenty of space to run around, but that they can't escape into areas of the home they may have accidents in or that are not puppy proof. You will want to establish right away where their quarters are. They may whine a little being left alone in a room, but it will eventually help them to sleep at night as well as learn who the master is. You should have a comfortable spot with food, water, and a dog bed so that they can feel at home. In the first few days it is important to establish the rules of the house for them as well as a routine for eating and getting daily exercise.

Gerry Ronson writes about dogs and puppies for sale.

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