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Labrador Retriever The Right Dog Breed for You

Hunting for a new family dog can be a sometimes-difficult task. If you have multiple family members, chances are you will have multiple desires for a dog. One may want small and spunky, the others may be looking for large and goofy. If you want a dog that has great looks and wants to make you happy, you may want to look at a Labrador Retriever. These large happy dogs aren't for every would-be dog owner. Before you get one of these adorable pups, you should consider the pros and cons of Labrador Retrievers.

Labrador Retrievers can be very large weighing in at up to 80 pounds and standing up to 24 inches tall. Labrador Retrievers have a whole lot of energy and can go on playing for hours. Labrador Retrievers are known for their thick tails and puppy-dog eyes. Labrador Retriever's coats are typically yellow, brown, or the most common, black. The coat is so think it is almost waterproof. It is not typical that a Labrador Retriever owner needs to groom his dog too often.

The Lab's thick coat stays in pretty good shape year round and just some brushing in the spring to help the shedding process is necessary. Labs are in the AKC's "sporting dog" group. The primary focus of the breed was to get into area's hunters could not. Labrador Retrievers are great in the water so fishing and boating activities are right up there alley. Labrador Retrievers are full of lots of energy so plenty of exercise is mandatory. A house with a large fenced yard, rather than an apartment or town home, is much preferred by Labs.

All of that energy takes a lot of running and playing to burn off each day. Typical of dog breeds with lots of energy, the Lab will eat a lot of food! You should stick to dog food that is specially formulated for large, high-energy breeds. This usually means a lot of protein. There is no need to worry about your Lab around family and children; they get a long with everyone. With any large dog, however, you should always be very careful around very small children. The Lab's tail is so big it may even knock over a youngster! The Labrador Retriever is the perfect breed if you are looking for a family-friendly, high-energy dog.

They may be a bit selfish at times, but overall will provide a lot of love and companionship.

MJ Batta writes on various dog breeds and hosts a dog breed website at http://www.dogs.researchthisstuff.com Dog Breed Research

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