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How to Train Dogs the Happy Way

When you're trying to figure out how to train dogs you may feel like pulling your hair out at times but relax it's not as hard as you might initially think. There is a way to make training your dog a positive experience for both of you. Any behavioral specialist (and any parent!) will tell you that you get better results with rewards than you get with punishments, and with a little of thought, it's easy to see why this is the best way to train your dog. For your dog's own safety and for your own sanity, you'll find that using a rewards-based system is one of the most effective ways to train your dog and to make the training stick.

Although at times it may seem like your dog's sole mission on earth is to drive you absolutely nutty, that's not true by a long shot. The problem is you've probably gotten so caught up in trying to figure out how to train dogs that you've forgotten that all your dog really wants is to make you happy. He's just not sure how to do that. Two really great features about using the positive reinforment method when training your dog are that this method is really easy to pick up and it can be used for puppies and older dogs as well. You can teach your puppy basic things like potty training as well as teaching your older dogs basic commands like "fetch," and "roll over.

" When you're getting ready to start your dog training you'll need to use a cue to signal your dog to perform the desired action. Whether it's a particular word or gesture, it should be something relatively simple to remember and easy for your dog to understand. Whatever you decide on use the same cue everytime you train your dog to perform the new action to avoid confusion. As an example you may choose to train your dog to sit down.

Start out by telling him in a clear, moderate tone, "sit." You follow your command by assisting him in that task by pushing his back legs down. Once the task is completed be sure to lavish your dog with lots of praise.

You may even want to give him a little treat. Your dog needs to know you're happy with what he's done. It's crucial that you remember to only reward your dog when he's done something on your cue. Do not give him praise when he does the task without first being prompted. This will cut down on confusion and let your dog know to only perform on cue.

When you're learning how to train your dog using positive reinforcement it's important to keep in mind that dog training does take time and focused effort. Don't lose control and start yelling at or hitting your dog. Don't forget that your dog loves you. If he behaves badly reprimand him firmly but don't be so harsh that you make him afraid of you. Training a dog does not have to be a chore. It can be a great way to learn more about your dog and to get to know him well and for the two of you to work together.

Take advantage of this opportunity to do just that while training your dog to follow basic commands!.

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