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How to Successfully Train Your Dog

How to successfully train your dog is a question that most dog owners ask. Fortunately, more and more professional dog trainers are disclosing their best-kept trade secrets for the benefit of fellow dog lovers everywhere. Training one's dog is a personal matter that every dog owner should take to heart. A well-trained dog is a happy dog that also translates to a contented pet owner.

There are a number of factors to be considered before you can even expect to successfully train your dog. For one, it is important to set up an appropriate atmosphere for the training sessions. Keep in mind that dogs have a short attention span and constantly changing the training area will only make it harder for the dog to concentrate and learn. It is also important to minimize the number of people involved in the training sessions.

Too many people will only distract the dog's attention. Experts suggest that initial training sessions should be conducted by one of the family members alone. After a time, once the dog has become familiar with the training, then other family members can be trained to carry out the same instructions.

A Guide to Successfully Training your Dog Potty training is a major stumbling block that most dog owners have a hard time overcoming. To successfully train your dog in this area, experts recommend a reward-based technique. Giving your dog a treat after a successful potty activity will help reinforce the good behavior. Your dog is more likely to remember that good potty equals a yummy treat compared to a bad potty that equals a scolding. Keep in mind that successfully training your dog requires time and patience.

Repeating an instruction several times is common as it gives your dog enough time to realize the instruction given. In most cases, it may take several tries before your dog will be able to follow the command alone. Generally, experts advice repeating and helping your dog with a command at least three times before letting the dog do it alone. This is a good way to assess if your dog has actually learned the lesson or not. Straightforward communication is a key factor in successfully training your dog.

Giving out instructions to your dog should be done in a direct manner. The command must be clear and definite for your dog to quickly grasp. At the same time, you should also correct your dog in case he or she did not carry out the command correctly.

This will help eliminate confusion and keep your dog on the right track to learning. Training your dog successfully also involves establishing a relationship with your beloved pet. Your dog must understand that you are the master and that as your pet, he or she must obey you. Showing any form of apprehension during training can easily damage that relationship. So the next time you are thinking of giving in.

DON'T. You will only make it more difficult for yourself and your dog later You will only make it more difficult for yourself and your dog later on.

Terence Young - For more dog obedience and training tips and ideas visit: http://www.obediencedoggytraining.com

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