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How to Prevent Birds From Roosting On Your Building

Wild birds are more often than not a welcome sight, particularly in the countryside, but when birds such as seagulls, pigeons, crows and sparrows to name but a few, start congregating in very large numbers on rooftops, fences, outbuildings and other structures, then far from being welcome visitors, they actually turn into quite a nuisance. The problem with birds - The accumulation of faeces produced by lots of birds is not a pretty sight, particularly when it is splattered across roads, gardens, buildings, cars, windows and even laundered clothes that are hanging out to dry - Bird droppings are unhygienic and can pose a health risk to humans and other animals. They can also cause paths and other walkways to become slippery so increase the risk of falling, particularly for the elderly and the disabled. - Fruits, flowers and vegetables growing in gardens or fields nearby are likely to be ruined - The constant and noisy calling of large numbers of birds together can be irritating and stressful for the entire neighbourhood - If you live near the coast then the swooping of seagulls can be disconcerting or even frightening, especially for small children Fortunately, there is an effective solution available in the form of bird spikes. What are bird spikes? Bird spikes are long thin rods with blunted tips that can be attached to rooftops, fences, lighting, cameras and other structures that will effectively deter birds from landing there.

It is important to note that these spikes do not harm the birds at all; they just limit the amount of space available making it uncomfortable for them to land or perch so that they are forced into finding somewhere else to go. There are a number of advantages to using bird spikes such as: - They are a humane and highly effective way of preventing large numbers of birds from perching anywhere that you don't want them to - They are suitable for deterring even larger and heavier birds - They are easy to install - They last a long time so are an extremely cost effective solution - They are inconspicuous from a distance so will not spoil the scenery If you want to position bird spikes in a spot that is very high, then it is recommended that you call in a professional to fit them for you to avoid the risk of falling. Legal Considerations It is illegal to kill wild birds that are not causing a severe health risk to the human population. Many species of birds are protected by law which can make it difficult to control them. If you choose a technique that scares birds away then it mustn't be used close to the nests of certain protected species, such as those listed in schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

You are legally entitled to deter wild birds from accessing a specific area but whatever method you choose must not be designed to harm, trap or kill a bird and neither must it disturb their nests or prevent them from accessing their nests. Bird spikes are therefore a very effective measure to successfully deter unwanted birds from landing in a particular space.

To prevent birds from roosting on your building use some bird spikes. They are available from PPC Supplies.

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