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Housebreaking An Older Pug

Bringing an adult Pug dog into your home demands as much effort from you and the family as does a puppy. It's a mistake to think that just because the Pug is full-grown and may have been potty trained in one home, that he'll just immediately adjust to your home's elimination schedule, too. That's not realistic. The Pug has many adjustments to his new environment and doesn't instinctively know that you don't allow peeing on the floor - especially his prior owner didn't mind or didn't seem to care.

You can not just automatically assume that your Pug will instinctively know what to do. You have to treat him as if he were a puppy and get him acquainted with your own pet potty schedule. A good place to start is by crate training or restricting the Pug to going in the bathroom only. Then you can make up a schedule for potty time. Once a Pug is grown it is very picky about where it uses the potty. Typically, they prefer not to use it where they eat, sleep or play.

Take your Pug outside in your yard and choose a spot for your Pug to go potty. The key is to bring the Pug back to that same exact spot on each visit outdoors so that he knows that is where he needs to go. Monitoring your Pug's elimination patterns can help you devise the right schedule for potty breaks as well. You also have to set morning and evening feeding times. He may not have had such an organized life schedule, so this could take time for adjustment. Don't believe that old saying, 'you can't teach an old Pug new tricks.

" It's not the age of the Pug that matters - it's the consistency of the owner. If your Pug came from an abusive home, even if is was just filled with shouting and hitting with paper for any accidents, then your training efforts may take longer. First you have to win the Pug's confidence and understand that he needs time to get comfortable in his new home.

Be prepared to clean up a lot of accidents at first. Training an adult Pug is no easier than training a puppy. Both Pugs require a lot of adjustment before they can really get a grasp on how things are supposed to work.

Being consistent and training with love will boost the Pug's confidence so that good behavior becomes habit. An older male Pug may be accustomed to marking his territory by urinating on it. This is an instinctive behavior for male Pugs - you aren't going to break him of it without breaking his spirit or having him neutered.

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