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Do You Make These Horse Training Mistakes Loading Your Horse Into A Trailer?

As my horse galloped ever faster along the beach I pulled back on the reigns to slow him down. But it seemed as if something unforseen was quiding the horse. As I pulled the reigns back even harder my horse bolted into the air throwing me to the ground.

That was the last thing I could remember as I suddenly felt a breeze on my naked body in the tropical heat. As I opened my eyes she was beside me holding a paper fan in her hand. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my mortal life, yet I knew that somehow I had known her in another time and another place.

Her face, her smile, the glow in her eyes. That was the face I knew so well. Before she talked, before she laughed, I knew what she would sound like. It was her grace and humor that drew me to her for all eternity.

She smiled as I opened my eyes and said "You've been saying no to beautiful women in your sleep all night long." "How many did I say no to?" I asked. "At least a dozen," she answered in a most seductive voice. "Thats why I went horse back riding. I was as horny as hell and I was trying to stay away from women. I guess the fall off the horse made me delirious as I slept. I hope you didn't hear anything too raunchy." I answered. "No, it was quite entertaining. You must really think your in love to say no so many times when your'e so horny," she said. "Why do you say I think I'm in love," I asked. "Because your not really in love. But rather you fell in love with the notion of being in love. Many people think that they somehow fall in love when they reach a certain age and often confuse lust with love. If you're really in love, then you no longer feel lust for anyone but your lover. So if you're fighting lustful feelings then you have already lost," she said.

Her logic made a lot of sense and I knew if I listened much longer that I would be convinced that I wasn't in love. But I couldn't be sure if it were her words or her beautiful body that was swaying me. So there was only one thing to do. I had to get away from her as fast as I could. I felt tremendous dizzyness as I tried to lift my head off the pillow.

And then I felt tremendous feelings of arousal as she placed her smooth and tender hands on my chest and softly whispered to me that I had a concussion from the fall and I shouldn't try to get up.

"Close your eyes and go back to sleep," she whispered as she gently scratched my shoulders with her long and sexy nails.

The sensation of her wonderful nails soon had me fast asleep again. And when I awoke I saw her sitting on the bed with my favorite dish of brown rice and shrimp. I opened my mouth as she slid the chop sticks in that were full of brown rice and shrimp inside my mouth. I was famished and I didn't want to tell her that I never quite got the hang of chop sticks, so I allowed her to baby me.

As my dizzyness started to subside she guided me into a tub. I was aware that I was salty and sandy from the fall on the beach so I was grateful that she prepared a tub for me. But to my surprise she insisted on washing me. It was her tub and she wasn't taking no for an answer. "Well, what could I do but enjoy it?"

It felt wonderful and I never felt so clean. Becoming so accustomed to the standard Navy shipboard two minute showers, I had almost forgotton just how wonderful a real bath was. After the bath she wrapped a towel around me and told me that she had hand washed all my clothes that were now drying outside in the mid day sun.

She then changed the bed sheet and commanded that I lay on my stomach and relax as she scratched my back with her wonderful nails. I wasn't tired and I didn't even feel dizzy anymore but I didn't want to let on that I was now completely recovered because her nails felt so wonderful running up and down my back.

Then, still yet another surprise. I felt her hands slide down to the side of my waist and undo the towel knot. Soon after the towel slid gently from around my waist I could feel her nails running up and down my butt. A few minutes later she asked, "Are you still thinking about her?"

"Thinking about who,"? I answered, now even surprising myself with my answer once I grasped what I was really saying.

I could resist no more. I sat up and gazed into her magical eyes and kissed her lips as I embraced her. Just then a thunder bolt thundered out of the blue as if it were some how commanded by the gods. We both rushed out together to bring in my clothes that were outside drying. After the clothes were secure she noticed that I was walking out the door naked into the thunderous rain.

I Knew Her For An Eternity by Tim Mack

by Andy Curry

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