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Should You Declaw Your Cat - Do you know whether you should declaw your cat? Find out what declawing involves and what you should consider before you decide to declaw your cat.

The Aristocrat Among Dogs - The dogs which take their name from the island of Newfoundland appeal to all lovers of animals.

Dont You Be No Ugly Pet Owner - Too many of us who love our pets do not take full advantage of the short time they have with us.

All The Secrets About Herbal Remedies For Ferrets - Herbal remedies for ferrets or any other animal for that matter are in large part not discussed often enough.

Tips for Keeping Pets - Animals unlike humans cannot express their feelings and they cannot go on making demands and tell their owners when they need food.

Litter Cleaning For Cats - Almost everyone, adults and kids alike have a natural fondness for cats.

All Dog Collars Are Not Created Equal - There's a myriad of dog collars out there.

Does Your Dog Get The Right Amount Of Exercise - With canine obesity on the rise, the lifestyle we impose on our four legged friends has come increasingly under the spotlight.

MustHave Ingredients for Your Homemade Cat Food Recipe - Thinking of Preparing Your Own Homemade Cat Food Recipe? Make Sure You Have These Important Ingredients Before You Start.

The Sacred Cat - Important both as a domestic pet and as a symbol of deities such as Bastet and RA the ?Great Cat of Heliopolis?.

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