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Advantages Of Harnessing Solar Power

It is solar power, however, that may be the most advantageous of all as it quietly solves many of the worlds environmental needs. It is easy to use, quick on payback and quietly works as a passive and reliable source of power that, once established, needs very little to complete its tasks. Environment Almost every form of alternative energy is an improvement to the current forms of energy generation in use today.

Nonetheless every form of energy generation has a cost to the environment. Coal tears up the earth and pollutes the air in many ways, oil releases carbon into the air and mars the earth with access roads. Nuclear power damages water sources with high temperature water and leaves a radioactive waste product that will remain a hazard of millennium.

Every form of energy generation, alternative or current in form is an environmental detriment. Solar, however, is one of the least damaging of all energy generating sources. Yes, there is a certain amount of waste and pollution generated in the manufacturing of solar power components but they are minimal by comparison. Once a solar power system is installed it requires very little maintenance and generates very little if any environmentally damaging by-products.

Powering your electrical systems is the most direct benefit you will experience using solar power, but the reduction in your carbon footprint is an even larger advantage in its use. Carbon footprint We often hear about a carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that an individual person generates in the course of a year. When you breathe you expel a certain amount of carbon dioxide, when you drive a car you generate a certain amount of carbon dioxide depending upon the type and energy efficiency of that particular car.

Everything you do generates carbon dioxide. At the end of a year, your activities add up to your carbon footprint. Generally, an average personâ??s carbon footprint is approximately 12-14 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Youâ??ll never eliminate your foot print but you can reduce it. Experiencing self reliance One of the larger advantages of solar power is that it takes you off the power grid. No longer will you be paying the power company any money for your power unless you need it.

Most people using solar power systems indicate that the personal energy they require to use solar power is only that of checking the back-up batteries every now and again and paying attention to which appliances they use and how often. They also indicate that once you start, the process becomes a habit that you donâ??t even know you are doing. Perhaps one of the better self reliance aspects of solar power is that if your region is prone to storm related or over power usage, youâ??ll never lose your lights during a storm.

Cost savings For an average sized home that takes advantage of other solar home advantages like well insulated windows and doors, shade systems for high heat gain windows and fan systems there is actually no bill from the electric company. For those that live in the lower two thirds of the United States there is actually a net cash gain from using solar. There is always the chance that the sun will be obscured for longer periods every now and again but this is more the exception then the rule.

In these instances you have a battery system to cover the shortfall, thus eliminating the need for the power company. Profit center In most states within the United States there are programs in place that require power companies to take back any excess power that your solar power systems, wind systems or hydro systems generate. Generally, most people indicate that this requirement is like watching the power meter run backwards! Personal satisfaction There is really no price that can be placed on you doing your part to help our planet work in the way it was intended. Watching your solar powered television and seeing stories about energy costs and the destruction of our planet will and should give you great satisfaction and recognition that youâ??re doing your part.

If nothing else it gives you the right to say â??what idiots we are.â? Granted, you may still have a good sized carbon foot print but at least you are doing something about it. The self satisfaction that you are feeling is actually something that is contagious, not only to others but to you. Once you start down the road you may find that an electric car, powered by your solar power system is next in line. After that, you may add a windmill or solar power units to generate some extra cash. All it takes is a first step and taking advantage of all the benefits that solar has to offer.

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